Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product. Music, Movie Review and GIVE A WAY

Hey guys as you know the Two Twins Show will be starting on Product Reviews and we want to know what you want us to review.  We are going to do a Segment on Sour Patch Kids Chillerz because Keila mera is obsessed with them and has recently gotten me addicted

Not only Products reviews, but band/ concert reviews as well o if you have a band, album or show coming up that you want the Two Twins Show to review lets us know and contact us here with your suggestions and/ or URL

If you are in or are going to be in the NY/ CT area then please have your bands come perform on the Two Twins Show

no more boring stuff, lets get to the Give a way!!!!!

Coffee and Roses GIVE A WAY: Enter yourself!

I ran across this great blog on blogger called coffee and roses.  They blog about the cutest and most amazing products for the body such as make up and soap.  Check them out!  I am sure you will enjoy reading their blogs, FOLLOW THEM

The rules are simple:

How to enter

Simply comment below and state:

-How you found my blog

-Why you follow my blog

-What you would like to see more of on my blog

(None of the above three things will make any difference by the way, I'm just curious :)

-The MAC lipstick shade you would like if you win

so just go to the coffee and roses blog (link provided above) and take your chances on a great product. I MEAN COME ON ITS MAC LIP STICK!!! ITS MAKE UP! COME GIRLS AND TOMBOYS YOU SECRETLY WANT THIS!

Eventually when the Two Twins Show gets 50 Followers Keila and I wil do a giveaway a well, so tell your friends and what not to follow us and we will do a clothing give away for one lucky visable follower!

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