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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet the Hosts of the Two Twins Show

Welcome the Host of the Two Twins Show...

Two Twins
Karla Mera & Keila Mera

Karla and Keila are fraternal twins, even though some people swear they are not.  Karla was born 25 minutes earlier than Keila (( THAT'S A WHOLE TV SHOW WITHOUT COMMERCIALS )) They grew up with an older sister Amanda Mera who is just 1 year older, but anyways, they grew up in Upsate New York just outside of newburgh is the tiny town called Washingtonville, NY. 

Born: July 31st 1989
Age: 21
Sex: Female(s)
Ethnicity: Peruvian

color: Grey, even though it's a shade or blue
food: fried chicken, steak, cellaphane noodles, mash potatoes
number: 21
Musical artists: Beatles or Buddy Holly or anything with Mick Jagger (<<

Keila - pronouned as Kayla
Favorite-color: Yellor or Green, sometimes Lime Green
food: Chicken, fried chicken... oh! eggs
number: 3 (3,13, or 33)
Musical artists: Head Automatica... Anything with Daryl Palumbo

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