Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great Show Tonight with Leila!

I can't tell you enough how excited I am for tomorrow's show!
Probably the Biggest Show I am having to date

MY MUSICAL ARTISTS is.... singer/ songwriter Leila she is fantastic, her voice could make angels cry
don't believe me? take a listen to her myspace

Leila Hegazy Myspace

Leila Hegazy singer songwriter

This Pop/ R&B artist from Staten Island has this breath taking voice, her vocals are powerful and make you want to just listen.  Her soulful and sultry voice is unique and can stop you in your tracks.  She is underground right now but most likely not for long.  Her sound makes Leila's music stand out of the Pop/ R&B genre and it's exactly what music needs right now!

Leila is considered to be Purchase College's NEXT BIG THING and people compare her to Regina Spektor status and for some of you who don't know, Regina Spektor graduated from Purchase College.  I mean this is no surprise, she is talented, gifted and beautiful
In my opinion...
you guys better keep an eye out on this chick.... She is going places

Another great artists giving you, the reader/ listener great cheap music!

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You can see the show tonight! at 10:30pm - 11:00pm on Channel 69 PTV or if you are not at Purchase College you can view it Live on the Live Stream HERE

check this video out on Youtube of Leila perfomring (not with her band) at Purchase College

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