Monday, November 1, 2010

Tron & DVD

The Hip Hop sensation know as Tron & DVD came to the Twin Twins Show Studios this past October (october 18th 2010) and we are getting the footage from it tonight! hopefully.  Their performances were amazing and they were such a blast to be around

Keila knew Tron (Norvin Van Dunk) from their college days at Mercy College and has been a fan of his ever since, she met DVD afterwards

I was feeling rather apethetic about Hip Hop lately because I felt it had no direction, and no more purchase in the Music Industry,  Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of OLD SCHOOL HIP HIP but todays Hip Hop/ Rap you hear on the radio Sucks and underground hip hop/ rap needs to  more adventurous but when I heard TRON and DVD prior to being on the Two Twins Show, I was a little bit more encouraged and when I heard them perform on the show it was like I was watching history being born.  WHICH I WAS! keep an eye out for Tron and DVD, they are talented artists who really know how to perform and please a crowd, not to mention they are funny as hell.

and for a side note: I am not a fan o drake. he doesn't do it for me, and definitely doesn't do it for Hip Hop/ Rap... really Weezy? you picked him? drake? really?

Check out Tron's Soundcloud, Myspace, and Facebook
Also Follow Him on Twitter @ThisisTron
And Follow DVD on his Twitter @SuperDarioWorld  and check him out on Myspace

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