Sunday, October 17, 2010

A fresh beginning

Hey Friends! before we start, I'd like to say please click the links, it's not a scam they are videos and links to the great artists that we had on the show recently, so definitely check that out and towards the end of this blog is more on what's happening next with the Two Twins Show ( IMPORTANT )

(here's a video of me and Sugaloo dancing/ Popping)
Sugaloo and Me
basically I look like a fool but he is amazing

Sugaloo (White Hat ) performing in this video and you can definitely see how talented he is

Episodes 2&3 of the Two Twins Show are coming online soon.  We had The City Strikes back perform on the show as well as Performers from Southbay Cabaret and we will have footage up soon
I've been back up a little this week because of midterms but less talk more videos

Southbay Cabaret host Katrina Cunningham gave us a Shout out at the last Southbay Cabaret Performance.

 Thanks so much for that!
Thank you Rachael Pazdan for letting us have your amazing Popper "Sugaloo" and being there on the Show

More great footage to come so stay tuned!

Upon further review of the past 3 episode of the Two Twins Show
I have decided to re luanch and re new everything that the Two Tins Show has been doing

Instead of an Entertainment Based Comedy Talk show I am re introucing the Show as more of an Inside the Actor's Studio where I will have one on one time with the artists talking on their art, life, love and just about anything else that comes to mind

I am still in the process of establishing what my next move but I think there should be more videos, more artists interviews and performance.  The live parts will be the Interview and performances of the Artist involved with the show.  I might also make them go at the beginning of the show first. just so we wont lose viewers and can leave the end for just videos.  Also you may see some more pre recording in the future of the entertainment news

until then I will be talking to my senior Project advisor on what I should do next since this is my senior Project, I am going to need some insight.  I have been struggling and have been working hard on trying to make this show come out a certain way but it is difficult and help from everyone else is very very little, so I am taking on this whole challenge by myself but it is exciting in a way that I have yet to notice it but I will fail again and again until i get it right, even if my first intention isn't what I thought it would be

until next time

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