Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product. Music, Movie Review and GIVE A WAY

Hey guys as you know the Two Twins Show will be starting on Product Reviews and we want to know what you want us to review.  We are going to do a Segment on Sour Patch Kids Chillerz because Keila mera is obsessed with them and has recently gotten me addicted

Not only Products reviews, but band/ concert reviews as well o if you have a band, album or show coming up that you want the Two Twins Show to review lets us know and contact us here with your suggestions and/ or URL

If you are in or are going to be in the NY/ CT area then please have your bands come perform on the Two Twins Show

no more boring stuff, lets get to the Give a way!!!!!

Coffee and Roses GIVE A WAY: Enter yourself!

I ran across this great blog on blogger called coffee and roses.  They blog about the cutest and most amazing products for the body such as make up and soap.  Check them out!  I am sure you will enjoy reading their blogs, FOLLOW THEM

The rules are simple:

How to enter

Simply comment below and state:

-How you found my blog

-Why you follow my blog

-What you would like to see more of on my blog

(None of the above three things will make any difference by the way, I'm just curious :)

-The MAC lipstick shade you would like if you win

so just go to the coffee and roses blog (link provided above) and take your chances on a great product. I MEAN COME ON ITS MAC LIP STICK!!! ITS MAKE UP! COME GIRLS AND TOMBOYS YOU SECRETLY WANT THIS!

Eventually when the Two Twins Show gets 50 Followers Keila and I wil do a giveaway a well, so tell your friends and what not to follow us and we will do a clothing give away for one lucky visable follower!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Troubles and Upcoming artist

Hey everyone
So I am having trouble with the 3rd episode of the Two Twins Show
I uploaded it to my USB and apparently only 20 something minutes recorded!!! I hope I can fix this problem soon because I wasnt to get footage of Conor Wenk and Sugaloo up soon

Next Monday Dancer/ Poet/ Writer Katrina Cunningham will be gracing the PTV studios. I was first intrigued by Katrina when I saw a video of hers on Facebook and was astounded at what I was hearing
I am not impressed by most poets but the way the words come out of her mouth come out strong, somewhat sultry and give off a sense of life. She gives her words life through sound, making them sounds, making them more than just words

Here is a good example of what I mean when I talk about Katrina's work


beautifully done. With her use of rhythm and words provide wisdom and a world unknown and unseen by most of us. She is a powerful speaker and her work makes me just want to sit down, close my eyes and listen
I am definitely a fan

I love how Katrina Cunningham is not afraid to speak her mind, her art. As graphic or harsh the material may be... her poems still exude beauty

Take a listen to Marta's Daughters and you'll understand what I mean by harsh material but if you listen carefully and thoroughly and let the poem empower you and take you whole, you'll be taken to a different part of your mind

(performing at South bay Cabaret at Purchase College)

There's so many more videos of her on her that I can't embed on here but I can't wait until she comes onto the Two Twins Show and performs.


You can catch Katrina Cunningham on the Two Twins Show this upcoming MONDAY  November 1st at 10:30pm on PTV channel 69 or you can view it online via live stream at the PTV livestream here!

Want to see more Two Twins Show videos CLICK HERE and you can watch more footage from the show

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Special Video Update

This is how the show will look
The Guest Panel was cut but that doesn't mean I won't have my friends on

If you want to be a part of the show Contact me at kmera.purchase@gmail

If you want to be a part of our live audience contact me at the same email

As always check us out on Monday Nights 10:30 - 11:00pm LIVE on PTV channel 69 or view us LIVe through the Purchase College Television live stream here

Any suggestions definitely leave comments below

-Two Twins

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great Show Tonight with Leila!

I can't tell you enough how excited I am for tomorrow's show!
Probably the Biggest Show I am having to date

MY MUSICAL ARTISTS is.... singer/ songwriter Leila she is fantastic, her voice could make angels cry
don't believe me? take a listen to her myspace

Leila Hegazy Myspace

Leila Hegazy singer songwriter

This Pop/ R&B artist from Staten Island has this breath taking voice, her vocals are powerful and make you want to just listen.  Her soulful and sultry voice is unique and can stop you in your tracks.  She is underground right now but most likely not for long.  Her sound makes Leila's music stand out of the Pop/ R&B genre and it's exactly what music needs right now!

Leila is considered to be Purchase College's NEXT BIG THING and people compare her to Regina Spektor status and for some of you who don't know, Regina Spektor graduated from Purchase College.  I mean this is no surprise, she is talented, gifted and beautiful
In my opinion...
you guys better keep an eye out on this chick.... She is going places

Another great artists giving you, the reader/ listener great cheap music!

Follow her on Facebook

You can see the show tonight! at 10:30pm - 11:00pm on Channel 69 PTV or if you are not at Purchase College you can view it Live on the Live Stream HERE

check this video out on Youtube of Leila perfomring (not with her band) at Purchase College

The City Strikes Back Interview

Here it is!
the City Strikes Back Interviews part 1 & 2!
can I just say I had a fun time with these guys and definitly check them out on Itunes, their Album in under 6 bucks! cheap cheap cheap! buy it it's amazing, they're great guys and I definitly see great things for them in the future

The City Strikes Back Itunes!!! BUY THE ALBUM

Follow them on....
The City Strikes Back:  Twitter
The City Strikes Back: Facebook
The City Strikes Back: Myspace


If you like the guys toy can follow phil and mike on their Twitter's

Mike's Twitter
Phil's Twitter
The City Strikes Back Twitter

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The City Strikes Back performs

Follow the Two Twins Show on Twitter and of Facebook!

you will see the videos we are going to show in upcoming shows and past videos, as well as Entertainment News and whatever we post is entertaining and funny, and mostly good videos and music

ON Episode 2 of the Two Twins Show, The City Strikes Back performed in out very studios

I had such a great time having them on the show, they were so funny and just a bunch of cool guys

check out their videos from the show and if you want to see more of the check out their own Youtu be channel:  The City Strikes back Channel !!!!!

The Interview with the City Strikes Back will be up soon, CHECK THEM OUT! THEY ARE GREAT! talented and awesome

more performance vidoes to come including artists from episode 3 Sugaloo and Conor Wenk

Stay tuned

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A fresh beginning

Hey Friends! before we start, I'd like to say please click the links, it's not a scam they are videos and links to the great artists that we had on the show recently, so definitely check that out and towards the end of this blog is more on what's happening next with the Two Twins Show ( IMPORTANT )

(here's a video of me and Sugaloo dancing/ Popping)
Sugaloo and Me
basically I look like a fool but he is amazing

Sugaloo (White Hat ) performing in this video and you can definitely see how talented he is

Episodes 2&3 of the Two Twins Show are coming online soon.  We had The City Strikes back perform on the show as well as Performers from Southbay Cabaret and we will have footage up soon
I've been back up a little this week because of midterms but less talk more videos

Southbay Cabaret host Katrina Cunningham gave us a Shout out at the last Southbay Cabaret Performance.

 Thanks so much for that!
Thank you Rachael Pazdan for letting us have your amazing Popper "Sugaloo" and being there on the Show

More great footage to come so stay tuned!

Upon further review of the past 3 episode of the Two Twins Show
I have decided to re luanch and re new everything that the Two Tins Show has been doing

Instead of an Entertainment Based Comedy Talk show I am re introucing the Show as more of an Inside the Actor's Studio where I will have one on one time with the artists talking on their art, life, love and just about anything else that comes to mind

I am still in the process of establishing what my next move but I think there should be more videos, more artists interviews and performance.  The live parts will be the Interview and performances of the Artist involved with the show.  I might also make them go at the beginning of the show first. just so we wont lose viewers and can leave the end for just videos.  Also you may see some more pre recording in the future of the entertainment news

until then I will be talking to my senior Project advisor on what I should do next since this is my senior Project, I am going to need some insight.  I have been struggling and have been working hard on trying to make this show come out a certain way but it is difficult and help from everyone else is very very little, so I am taking on this whole challenge by myself but it is exciting in a way that I have yet to notice it but I will fail again and again until i get it right, even if my first intention isn't what I thought it would be

until next time

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Episide 1 - TWO TWINS SHOW (full)

Camille Wallace performing on the Two Twins Show's first episode

2&3 episode recap?

Hey Everyone!

I am in a particularly happy mood because as we speak we are awaiting the 17th Cole miner to come up from 69 days underground. so exciting and happy all is well

The Past Two Twins show

I had 2 great shows! Musical artists such as Conor Wenk, The city Strikes back, and dancer/ Popper Sugaloo.

17th Miner just rescued! he's been in 3 mining accident

I have the 2nd episode im going to upload it soon.

1st Episode of the Two Twins SHow is up and running

So I am changing this blog updates
-the background
-the content

It will still be the same Updates on the Two Twins but also a short blog and questions answering.

I've been working mostly on securing bands and with the slight help of my sister :) in past episodes because it is my senior project (i told she didn't have to do anything unless she wants to) ... so I've been busy

we are going to NYC soon in this upcoming month to see HEAD AUTOMATIC/ Yak Ballz and other cool bands that i will update on.

And As Tall as Lions Later december 22, 2010 in NYC

I feel as though we could make some great networking folks. I am excited for the future!
I do want to start doing skits but I need to finalize where this TV show is going before I take off. Got to find the balance, my balance. I have been taking a lot of great classes to are helping and hurting because I have a lot of work to do, but i'll never forget those life lessons it teaches me aka working in a team, which as of right is struggle.
If you agree say hey!

I have been looking at some cool purchase bands lately, I took photos and they might come on the show
(pictures will be up soon)

until then


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Great Show!

Monday October 4th Marked another great Two Twins Show
and it went so amazingly well

It definitly was less hectic than last time as guest panelists were pre thought of before hand and our musical artist was confirmed the night before
still a late confirmation, but that was my fault

We shows videos, had some laughs, and just had a grand ol' time

videos we showed were:

1) opening the Show was BeenerKeeKee19952 's Video of him lip-syncing to Ke$ha's Song "Take it off":

I have this new obsession with him.  I think he's so funny.  His Name is Keenan Cahill and He creates videos of him lip singing to hit pop songs and he is just too cute to ignore.  I want him to come on the Two Twins Show one day.

Our Musical Guest - The City Strikes Back perfomed 2 of their songs.  They were amazing and did a great Job. I didn't know that my sister hooked up with one of the guys in the past, but they were all so cool and funny. definitely CHECK THEM OUT!

We got through a lot of videos and we even ran out of time to show all of them

As we speak i am uploading pt 1 of the First Episode of The Two Twins Show and it's looking great!  It's taking a long time to upload but It's getting there

(Keila took Macbook Photos during the Live Show)

This was during The City Strikes Back set.  I pormise we were listening but we were just being silly.  We also now Tweet during the Live Show, So be sure to tune in Mondays at 10:30 and tweet us! WE WILL RESPOND BACK! AND WE WILL SAY YOUR NAME.

videos will be up soon I promise! and then if you missed theTwo Twins Show, it's ok because you can catch it on YouTube

more updates coming soon!

Follow us on Twitter - @Two_Twins_Show
and/ or Join us on our Two Twins Show Facebook

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet the Hosts of the Two Twins Show

Welcome the Host of the Two Twins Show...

Two Twins
Karla Mera & Keila Mera

Karla and Keila are fraternal twins, even though some people swear they are not.  Karla was born 25 minutes earlier than Keila (( THAT'S A WHOLE TV SHOW WITHOUT COMMERCIALS )) They grew up with an older sister Amanda Mera who is just 1 year older, but anyways, they grew up in Upsate New York just outside of newburgh is the tiny town called Washingtonville, NY. 

Born: July 31st 1989
Age: 21
Sex: Female(s)
Ethnicity: Peruvian

color: Grey, even though it's a shade or blue
food: fried chicken, steak, cellaphane noodles, mash potatoes
number: 21
Musical artists: Beatles or Buddy Holly or anything with Mick Jagger (<<

Keila - pronouned as Kayla
Favorite-color: Yellor or Green, sometimes Lime Green
food: Chicken, fried chicken... oh! eggs
number: 3 (3,13, or 33)
Musical artists: Head Automatica... Anything with Daryl Palumbo