Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2&3 episode recap?

Hey Everyone!

I am in a particularly happy mood because as we speak we are awaiting the 17th Cole miner to come up from 69 days underground. so exciting and happy all is well

The Past Two Twins show

I had 2 great shows! Musical artists such as Conor Wenk, The city Strikes back, and dancer/ Popper Sugaloo.

17th Miner just rescued! he's been in 3 mining accident

I have the 2nd episode im going to upload it soon.

1st Episode of the Two Twins SHow is up and running

So I am changing this blog updates
-the background
-the content

It will still be the same Updates on the Two Twins but also a short blog and questions answering.

I've been working mostly on securing bands and with the slight help of my sister :) in past episodes because it is my senior project (i told she didn't have to do anything unless she wants to) ... so I've been busy

we are going to NYC soon in this upcoming month to see HEAD AUTOMATIC/ Yak Ballz and other cool bands that i will update on.

And As Tall as Lions Later december 22, 2010 in NYC

I feel as though we could make some great networking folks. I am excited for the future!
I do want to start doing skits but I need to finalize where this TV show is going before I take off. Got to find the balance, my balance. I have been taking a lot of great classes to are helping and hurting because I have a lot of work to do, but i'll never forget those life lessons it teaches me aka working in a team, which as of right is struggle.
If you agree say hey!

I have been looking at some cool purchase bands lately, I took photos and they might come on the show
(pictures will be up soon)

until then


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