Sunday, September 18, 2011

What We're up to....

Long time, no blog...

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on our lives. We're doing good :)
Making that money and trying to make something of ourselves.
I (Keila) am currently interning at NBC for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon AND... for Comedy Central (Production department)

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hectic Monday. MUSIC-less Monday?

Hey guys so we are already passed the 9th Episode of the Two Twins Show and only have 2 more episodes left!!!

As i mentioned the final four were the Detours, Quincy Vidal, The Peeps, and Second Nature closing out the first season of the Two Twins Show
but as soon as I made this video above, I got word that the Detours had to unexpectedly drop out

this left me at a stand still
I had little to time time to get a band together for the show, it was such short notice that I truely believed I wasn't even sure I could get a band in time

but as good ol' Purchase will have it... I found my musical artist, or shall I say artist(s)... plural

I had asked my Friend and Arts Management Major comrade, Max, if he would want to come on the show and play a little bass
(for those who don't know, Max is an insanely talented bass player)
He told me he would talk it over with his band and get back to me


my neighbor Brian told me that he could possibly get someone for me and I agreed to his help

within a few hours max confirmed with me that his Band Wool Over Eyes (metal Band) would play on our upcoming Monday Show at 10:30 PTV channel 69 or LIVE via PTV Live stream

When I arrived home later that night Keila had informed me that our Neighbor Brian kept his word and found us another musician and basically neighbor of ours Matty from the Band The Test Tube Casanova Brigade
I have never heard from any of the artists about to play from the show and was worried they wouldn't be talented enough, on top of that my mom was watching! So when the Monday night arrived... I was proven terribly terribly wrong. THANK GOD! ALL THE ACTS WERE SUPER TALENTED AND AMAZING

Wool Over Eyes was incredible! I don't USUALLY like Metal but I really enjoyed what they were giving me. Take a Listen on their Myspace

Then it was Matty's turn to perform and he gave me and the girls a private show, which may never happen again in life... we were really up close to him, you'll see in the video to come but take a listen on their Myspace as well

The show was great. Best one yet! and my talent really beat my expectations, especially for such short notice

I couln't thank them enough. Footage will be up sometime after thanksgiving break of Wool over Eyes and of Matty from The Test Tube Casanova Brigade

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Katrina Cunningham on Two Twins

Katrina Cunningham performance and Interview on The Two Twins Show (FULL)

October 11, 2010
Episode 6

Time is just flying by and on episode 6 we didn't have a musical artist, instead we had spoken word artist Katrina Cunningham

She was such a pleasure to have and I was ecstatic to have her on the show.  Keila had yet to hear any of her poetry or any of her work until the night of the show and I was really nervous that she wouldn't like it but after Katrina's poem - Hot off the Press
Keila was thoroughly impressed

I love having the show, bringing in new and fresh talent for the internet world to view and a listen to.  Especially with an artist like Katrina Cunningham who is a dancer, poet, singer, writer and basically everything else.  I want people to take notice of all the talent one person can have and she is truly inspiring even in my life because as much as I love to write poems and sing I am just so shy.  After the show she encouraged me to join poetry circles and made me feel not as insecure.


When Keila and I finally got to sit down with her and conduct our interview we both realized how down to earth she was.  She is just full of smiles and positive energy.  I knew how nice she was and she's even a great neighbor! (literally lives right across from me and Keila's apartment at suny Purchase) but when we interviewed her i realized how similar we both were and she's just too cool words. watch both parts of the interview and you'll know what i mean

PT 1

PT 2


She is such a talented person and performer and the Two Twins Show was more than thankful and lucky to have her grace our studio with her presence and performances

thanks Katrina!
Big things are in store for you


take a listen to her on Quincy Vidal's album in the song: I SEE YOU

and the I SEE YOU (REMIX)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


the full Leila Interview

PT. 1

PT. 2

Share the Soul

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7th Episode: Backwards Bird (on the way)

Hey all.
So I can and can't believe that our 7th episode of the Two Twins Show has come and gone! and it was a great one at that

backwards bird

"The Backwards Bird is a 5 piece rock group based on Long Island. Their sophisticated blend of Rock, Reggae, and Psychedelic, enhanced by their versatile playing, energetic live performances, and tight three part harmony have set them part from other acts in the music scene.

The have two full length albums Songs of a Collective Age and Chaos on the Rise, recorded 2008 and 2009 respectively. 

For More info or booking:  "

the backwards birdThe Backwards Bird performed and they made me fell like i was on a beach in hawaii, ... nah just kidding but I definitely felt like a surfer rock beach chick in heels (I was wearing heels tonight, as was Keila) Keila enjoyed them so much and was really excited for them to perform

She's a big fan of their song

The show went so well, the songs were great, the interview was real "chill" I think the Twins and The Backwards band bonded. We are great pals now, almost biffles.

check out the Backwards Bird Myspace

and take a listen to them on their BandCamp

Dont forget to follow us on Twitter and LIKE us on Facebook!

thanks again and stay tuned for the Backwards Bird footage from the show

You're going to want to make this your summer tune, share it with your friends

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Tron & DVD on Two Twins




I recommend this to all you hip hop hippies out there

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Fest Brawl

So this past Friday at Suny Purchase Fall Fest occured, it's the 2nd biggest Musical event at Purchase hosted by the Major Events Coordinator and this years headliner was Wu Tang's very own Raekwon
Security not doing Anything

You can also check out who played the Fall Fest 2010 Line up HERE

but most importantly there was a Brawl during the Show from a certain someone, not going to mention names but you can definitely find her on an old episode of the Two Twins Show... (wink wink Hint hint)

During the Fall Fest Show at Purchase College Keila and I recieved stage wrist bands to take photos of the artists performing, which includes Raekwon!  So excited to be on stage and photograph, we both didn't know what to expect

From what I saw
The Fight started because The "unidentified girl" was blocking a cameraman's view (He had access to the stage) and the girl did not.  Security wasn't doing anything to prevent all the people coming on stage.  This is unfair because only press and people who had access to the stage couldn't get their jobs done, As a photographer, having people in my way of taking a shot is annoying, for someone who is filming... IT'S HELL!

So security wasn't doing anything, more people kept going on and the guy filming got mad and at one point I did hear him say "I'm supposed to be here." I think they were trying to kick him off first and then realized it was the girl and everyone else on stage causing problems

(The Picture of the camera man punching) I don't know if he is punching the girl or someone else, He must of been trying to get someone out of the way, either/ or... He was mad.  So of course the situation gets crazy and leads to one of Purchase's craziest moments on campus.  The Raekown Freak out/ Raekown Brawl. I am surprise there isnt much footage but here it is... for your viewing pleasure Purchase college

Girl Punching/ Going crazy
I THINK someone tried to take her off stage and she over reacted. Take a look

So this video is probably gonna get out there! take a look, spread it around, more videos and pictures to come
If you have another version on the story, leave your two scents! leave comments.