Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Troubles and Upcoming artist

Hey everyone
So I am having trouble with the 3rd episode of the Two Twins Show
I uploaded it to my USB and apparently only 20 something minutes recorded!!! I hope I can fix this problem soon because I wasnt to get footage of Conor Wenk and Sugaloo up soon

Next Monday Dancer/ Poet/ Writer Katrina Cunningham will be gracing the PTV studios. I was first intrigued by Katrina when I saw a video of hers on Facebook and was astounded at what I was hearing
I am not impressed by most poets but the way the words come out of her mouth come out strong, somewhat sultry and give off a sense of life. She gives her words life through sound, making them sounds, making them more than just words

Here is a good example of what I mean when I talk about Katrina's work


beautifully done. With her use of rhythm and words provide wisdom and a world unknown and unseen by most of us. She is a powerful speaker and her work makes me just want to sit down, close my eyes and listen
I am definitely a fan

I love how Katrina Cunningham is not afraid to speak her mind, her art. As graphic or harsh the material may be... her poems still exude beauty

Take a listen to Marta's Daughters and you'll understand what I mean by harsh material but if you listen carefully and thoroughly and let the poem empower you and take you whole, you'll be taken to a different part of your mind

(performing at South bay Cabaret at Purchase College)

There's so many more videos of her on her that I can't embed on here but I can't wait until she comes onto the Two Twins Show and performs.


You can catch Katrina Cunningham on the Two Twins Show this upcoming MONDAY  November 1st at 10:30pm on PTV channel 69 or you can view it online via live stream at the PTV livestream here!

Want to see more Two Twins Show videos CLICK HERE and you can watch more footage from the show

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