Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Two Twins Show

If you missed it! then you missed quite the show
but all is ok because you can catch what you missed online on YouTube

To start off.  Matt Morel, Andy Cahill, and Nicki came over to help me create my vision of a viral video.  That was on saturday?

after that we of coarse enjoy a semi decent weekend at Purchase College

Monday rolls by fairly quickly and my first idea for the show has gone down the drain

My Idea:
Two Twins interview Two Twins - Episode 1
1 set of twins bailed on me
the other set of twins never got back to me
not to mention my musical artist go back to me and i had to ask my friends to be a part of my guest panel

this was my first TV show, that me and keila were hosting for the first time
i was about to loose my tv personality host virginity
so naturally, i was nervous like heck

I was working all day that monday researching celebrity news, funny viral videos and confirming with my friends that they were actually going to come
and nervous
it starts getting down to the wire and My friends come over and I hand them scripts

I leave first to go to the PTV station and of course make a few mistakes before the show, The Two Twins that never responded showed up and so did Singer/ Songwriter Camille Wallace

(above - PTV station)

Lucky for me the email i was supposed to send to her originally to tell her to come October 11th never sent and she came the first episode


all in all the first show was a success

I will have video up as soon as I can!

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