Tuesday, November 23, 2010

7th Episode: Backwards Bird (on the way)

Hey all.
So I can and can't believe that our 7th episode of the Two Twins Show has come and gone! and it was a great one at that

backwards bird

"The Backwards Bird is a 5 piece rock group based on Long Island. Their sophisticated blend of Rock, Reggae, and Psychedelic, enhanced by their versatile playing, energetic live performances, and tight three part harmony have set them part from other acts in the music scene.

The have two full length albums Songs of a Collective Age and Chaos on the Rise, recorded 2008 and 2009 respectively. 

For More info or booking: TheBackwardsBird@gmail.com  "

the backwards birdThe Backwards Bird performed and they made me fell like i was on a beach in hawaii, ... nah just kidding but I definitely felt like a surfer rock beach chick in heels (I was wearing heels tonight, as was Keila) Keila enjoyed them so much and was really excited for them to perform

She's a big fan of their song

The show went so well, the songs were great, the interview was real "chill" I think the Twins and The Backwards band bonded. We are great pals now, almost biffles.

check out the Backwards Bird Myspace

and take a listen to them on their BandCamp

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thanks again and stay tuned for the Backwards Bird footage from the show

You're going to want to make this your summer tune, share it with your friends

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