Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Fest Brawl

So this past Friday at Suny Purchase Fall Fest occured, it's the 2nd biggest Musical event at Purchase hosted by the Major Events Coordinator and this years headliner was Wu Tang's very own Raekwon
Security not doing Anything

You can also check out who played the Fall Fest 2010 Line up HERE

but most importantly there was a Brawl during the Show from a certain someone, not going to mention names but you can definitely find her on an old episode of the Two Twins Show... (wink wink Hint hint)

During the Fall Fest Show at Purchase College Keila and I recieved stage wrist bands to take photos of the artists performing, which includes Raekwon!  So excited to be on stage and photograph, we both didn't know what to expect

From what I saw
The Fight started because The "unidentified girl" was blocking a cameraman's view (He had access to the stage) and the girl did not.  Security wasn't doing anything to prevent all the people coming on stage.  This is unfair because only press and people who had access to the stage couldn't get their jobs done, As a photographer, having people in my way of taking a shot is annoying, for someone who is filming... IT'S HELL!

So security wasn't doing anything, more people kept going on and the guy filming got mad and at one point I did hear him say "I'm supposed to be here." I think they were trying to kick him off first and then realized it was the girl and everyone else on stage causing problems

(The Picture of the camera man punching) I don't know if he is punching the girl or someone else, He must of been trying to get someone out of the way, either/ or... He was mad.  So of course the situation gets crazy and leads to one of Purchase's craziest moments on campus.  The Raekown Freak out/ Raekown Brawl. I am surprise there isnt much footage but here it is... for your viewing pleasure Purchase college

Girl Punching/ Going crazy
I THINK someone tried to take her off stage and she over reacted. Take a look

So this video is probably gonna get out there! take a look, spread it around, more videos and pictures to come
If you have another version on the story, leave your two scents! leave comments. 


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  1. Lets get the story straight, homie in the vans shirt used excessive force by grabbing and pushing to get the girl off stage. Her sister defended her (not over reacted) and when Rae's security thought she was posing a threat to Rae I guess they got overly physical and threw her off stage. Her problem wasn't with Rae's security it was the stupid fuck in the Vans t-shirt. If your going to throw one person off stage for the reason of "your not supposed to be on the stage" there were about 50 others the idiot could of got physical with. Instead he chose the skinniest girl on the stage, dude is a fucking coward.