Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introduction TT and TMI

Hello everyone out there who has yet to read this
My name is Karla, Producer and creator of the Two Twins show.  Some you you may being asking yourselves, huh? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?  well here are some questions in a who, what, where, why and then some fashion that I think I can answer

Who is a part of the Two Twins Show?  The Hosts of the Show are Karla and Keila Mera,  peruvian fraternal twins attending Purchase College.  They both Major in Arts Management and are Seniors.  There is guest panel every week of an assortment of characters in every flavor

What is the Two Twins Show?  The Two Twins show is a entertainment based comedy talk show/ web series discussing entertinment news while presenting viral videos found all throughout the internet and creating our own Two Twins show viral sketch videos.  The show will present new and emerging talented artists both non musical and musical as well as established artists to perform and be interviewed on the show.  The show is meant for mature audiences or with parental advisory for some shows may contain graphic situations and language

Where is the show taped?   The Show is taped on location, at Purcahse College PTV station

Why is there a Two Twins Show?  The Two Twins Show came to being in the summer of 2010, after Karla was being pressured by her Arts Management adivsors to decide on a senior project, which is equivalent to writing a novel and/or an extreme form of a term paper.  Karla had run for the Major Events Coordinator position, a position in which she had been waiting for her whole life, and unfortunately lost.  After a few months in hiatus and locking herself in a room Karla went to a forrest to find herself and take a few unknown hallucinagins with some of her friends.  The process was recorded but the tapes have yet to be surfaced.  It is said that during Karla's trip she was visited by a few familiar and famous faces which inspired her to create the masterpeice known as the "Two Twins Show"

Who is the show for?  The Show is for college students interested in entertianing news and videos who like to or don't like to drink to, toke to, make love to before, during and after the show.  Also it's a great show for you fetish lovers of all types including watching young femaile twins

Can I be on the Two Twins Show?  Of course you can!  Are you an artist, actor, dancer, poet, comedian, singer, in a band or in anyway entertaining? if so contact kmera.purchase@gmail.com with a video of yourself or a link to your page

Looking for:

Hosts - send contact info with a short description about yourself (if possible a video)

Talent (musical/non musical) - send contact info and links to website, facebook/ myspace page (if non contact anyways and explain your talent)

house band - to play for most shows before and after commercial break - send contact info and web page (looking for jazz/ cover band, small 3-4 peice band)

comedians - send contact info (if possible web page/ video) also attach a photo of your sexy self

Dancers - send contact info, head shots and video of performances

Actors - send contact info, head shots and a resume or list of past work (if possible current work as well)

Come be in our scripted videos, be a guest on our guest panel, perform and if you are interesting enough... be interviwed (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY FOR ANY OF THESE POSITIONS - EXCEPT MUSICAL ACTS)

Looking for In Kind Sponsorship contact: kmera.purchase.edu

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