Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hectic Monday. MUSIC-less Monday?

Hey guys so we are already passed the 9th Episode of the Two Twins Show and only have 2 more episodes left!!!

As i mentioned the final four were the Detours, Quincy Vidal, The Peeps, and Second Nature closing out the first season of the Two Twins Show
but as soon as I made this video above, I got word that the Detours had to unexpectedly drop out

this left me at a stand still
I had little to time time to get a band together for the show, it was such short notice that I truely believed I wasn't even sure I could get a band in time

but as good ol' Purchase will have it... I found my musical artist, or shall I say artist(s)... plural

I had asked my Friend and Arts Management Major comrade, Max, if he would want to come on the show and play a little bass
(for those who don't know, Max is an insanely talented bass player)
He told me he would talk it over with his band and get back to me


my neighbor Brian told me that he could possibly get someone for me and I agreed to his help

within a few hours max confirmed with me that his Band Wool Over Eyes (metal Band) would play on our upcoming Monday Show at 10:30 PTV channel 69 or LIVE via PTV Live stream

When I arrived home later that night Keila had informed me that our Neighbor Brian kept his word and found us another musician and basically neighbor of ours Matty from the Band The Test Tube Casanova Brigade
I have never heard from any of the artists about to play from the show and was worried they wouldn't be talented enough, on top of that my mom was watching! So when the Monday night arrived... I was proven terribly terribly wrong. THANK GOD! ALL THE ACTS WERE SUPER TALENTED AND AMAZING

Wool Over Eyes was incredible! I don't USUALLY like Metal but I really enjoyed what they were giving me. Take a Listen on their Myspace

Then it was Matty's turn to perform and he gave me and the girls a private show, which may never happen again in life... we were really up close to him, you'll see in the video to come but take a listen on their Myspace as well

The show was great. Best one yet! and my talent really beat my expectations, especially for such short notice

I couln't thank them enough. Footage will be up sometime after thanksgiving break of Wool over Eyes and of Matty from The Test Tube Casanova Brigade

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