Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Just Your Normal Girl who works at AA

You've stopped at this blog...why?
for some reason you must be interested in american apparel
whether you're a fashion wanna be, obsessed shopper of the store, or a 14year bitch spending daddy's money
(American Apparel Sweater & Leggings)

and if you're not that, then let me know
I;ve worked at AMerican Apparel Now for about a year
and to anyone who says "You're so lucky you work there" or "I wish I worked there"
shut your fucking face up
it is slowly detererating my soul
but yet, i love that hell hole of a store. the other hot sexy employees that work there (YES WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL) Well they are my kind of like my family now
in a way that, i would never add all of them on my facebook or tell them my secrets
but theyre who I have to see a majorty of the time so, yes...family

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I am a college girl just trying to make some extra cash to pay off school and support my habits. i'm not your average employee, i'm probably your below average.  AA hores tall beautiful hot chicks with style
then they hired me...a music/ concerts Jerry Lewis lovin' art Geek with hand me downs and flea market clothes. don't ask me why or how they hired me, im still trying to figure that out....but they did...and I am here. and my life, style and personality are changing with the norms of AA, its pretty funny

Working at American Apparel aint all its made up to be
yes ut has cool overpriced clothes
yes they give you an allowence of $150 every 6 months
and on top of that they have giveaways

but beyond all that
you cant even imagine how anal they are about every little aspect about the store. everything!

but hey it's the best job I've has in a while
and lunch breaks, well they a lot of fun for me...
got obvious reason if you knew me

anyways....this blog
well it will have everything American Apparel
the things i do there
what I wear (before and now)
how American Apparel is changing
the hell
the not so bad moments
the thiefs
the customers i get
the customers fashion
other hot employees
other store location
everything and anything I encounted as an employee of American Apparel

(American Apparel Baby Hoodies)

but hey I am only from 1 place so if you also work there, leave some input and picture and videos and all that jazz

check the good stuff out about AA:  AMerican Apparel does Good

more to come.....

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